Wise-Up Program

The Wise Up program is a leadership and mentoring program which provides young people with the confidence and ability to develop the strength and courage to set and achieve positive goals/pathways and outcomes. The program targets year 9 & 10 students who have been identified by the school as students who desire leadership training to enable them to recognise their full potential.

These kids have genuinely been identified as having the need to take on leadership qualities but have not had the opportunity to be encouraged or supported and this program provides the strategies needed to become active school leaders.

Revive Program

This is an intensive 10 session program for kids at risk of being incarcerated or have a high risk of being disengaged within the community ie. no community connections or mentors/role models to understand what leading a normal teenage life involves.

These kids are selected by their teachers from several schools. School staff and other various groups will be given the selection criteria.

The purpose is to provide mentoring but also to source assistance that a young person may need this includes but is not limited to:

  • Tutoring or educational support
  • Accessing sporting clubs or activities including the fees involved
  • Organising appropriate counselling services if needed
  • Liaising with the family to address or resolve issues with the young person
  • Liaising with school staff and the welfare co-ordinator within the school on behalf of the young person

Schools and mentors work closely together to ensure that there is communication to discuss the needs of each student.

Multicultural Mentoring Experience

This program targets new migrants, refugees and indigenous youth with a tailored mentoring experience. It is aimed at year 9 and 10 students at a number of high schools in South West Sydney.

This program is designed to provide continuous and ongoing support to these youth as well as providing them with an opportunity to have assistance in integration into school or other areas.

The program takes experienced adult mentors that will follow a structured and tailored program to be able to identify the needs and issues of the students. Mentors will also be able to provide opportunities to the students as they arise.

Mentors and the co-ordinators are responsible for ensuring that the educational needs of every student are met. For example if the student indicates that they are struggling with a certain subject then the mentor and co-ordinator may be responsible for organising specific tutoring and paying for the tuition.

Both mentors and students will then participate in monthly workshops as well as a camp.

Warrior Woman Support Network Service

Warrior Woman (WW) is a service that caters for women experiencing social isolation, depression, symptoms of anxiety and other mental health issues. We provide support using a holistic approach. Children or other family members witnessing this abuse are also supported.

WW provides a compassionate and supportive network for women who are in need of a helping hand in times of crisis.
The services provided are confidentially based and culturally appropriate catering to the needs of our clients. We offer the following support services for families;

  • Counselling and family support for families affected by domestic and family violence and who are experiencing mental health issues
  • Financial assistance to women facing financial hardship
  • Assistance with food and necessities for women facing financial hardship
  • Assistance finding emergency or long term accommodation for women facing homelessness as a result of DV
  • Referrals, provision of workshops and other initiatives with the aim of capacity/skill building, support in career development and pre-vocational support
  • Assistance and advocating for the client with dealing with government agencies such as Centrelink, Child support system & community housing departments
  • When required WW provide outreach service delivery so that the women are supported in an environment that they feel safe and comfortable in
  • Support groups and friendship circles for women needing the extra support and wanting to break out of their social isolation when experiencing domestic violence

Parent Workshops

Lighthouse Community Support runs parent workshops to assist and support parents on major social issues and how to deal with them at home and who they can turn to when they need help.

Covers a range of social issues:

  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Youth Safety (Cyber Bullying/Safety, At-Risk behaviour)
  • Healthy Relationships (promoting/education boy-girl respect & DV)
  • Education & Training (promoting importance of education and further training)
  • Basic CPR Training
  • Red Cross – ‘Save a Mate
  • Youth & Law Issues
  • Welfare Support Services

The Lighthouse Program

Women who have survived domestic violence or abuse often leave without assistance, money, food, clothing or shelter. These women are often isolated from family, friends and a support network. We aim to assist women in the transition from being dependent on the assistance of community or support services, to becoming both financially and emotionally independent.

This transition involves several stages but the first is to ensure that the family is provided with adequate and safe shelter and support. Once accommodation has been sourced we will ensure that the family is living comfortably in a home that is furnished with all the essential items that make a house a home. These will be our “lighthouses”. If a woman is able to ensure that safe and comfortable housing is provided for herself and her children this is a huge step towards emotional freedom.

Once each family has been housed, support networks are then established. Local support groups, counselling services, parenting programs and mentoring programmes for the children will be accessed.

Our objective is to assist each woman in becoming emotionally and financially independent. Once the transition is complete, appropriate job; skills or training will be sourced for the family.

Family Fun Days

Our Family Fun Day’s objectives are to engage with the community inclusively.
We provide access to free recreational activities for low social-economic and vulnerable families.

We include community partners working together to provide activities for the whole community.

Fun days promote a social cohesion in the community and great opportunity to promote health & wellbeing for families in the area.

The Family Fun Days include for face painting, petting zoo, free BBQ, free ice cream & coffee, AFL & NRL sporting clinics, jumping castles, educational shows, cultural performances & music

Lighthouse Food Drive


Food hampers are dropped off monthly for families in need of assistance.